Love for dogs makes addicts reject help program in SP

Love for dogs makes addicts reject help program in SP

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All of Brazil is aware of the problems in the region of the São Paulo capital known as Cracolândia, where hundreds of crack addicts dominate the streets of the city center. That is why, about two weeks ago, the city of São Paulo started another attempt to help the inhabitants of the region, offering accommodation in partner hotels and financial assistance to those who were willing to work for four hours a day.

However, part of those who could participate in the program rejected it, due to a reason not expected by those who work with this type of action: the love to dogs. While some of the addicts are already in the hotels provided by the city hall, others prefer to continue sleeping on the streets so as not to abandon their pets - since none of the four affiliated establishments accepts the entry of animals.

As reported by the Brazilian press, this is the only motivation of many of those who did not join the program, claiming that they cannot leave aside the dogs that have been accompanying them for so long and with whom they share all their joys, sorrows and even the little of food they can manage.

Although some managed to enter the hotels accompanied by their pets, they had the animals removed in a short time, and now, those who have not given up on the project have their dogs 'vigil' at the entrance door of the place. According to the information, the owner of a hairdressing salon in the region is responsible for feeding the dogs that circulate there, distributing feed to the approximately 40 animals that walk the streets of Cracolândia and making constant searches for shelters that can welcome them.

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Even without the confirmation of the information by the city, some say that exceptions were made, and that some pensions that accept animals are also part of the places where addicts can remain when accepting to participate in the project, without having to abandon their friends - who can be seen every day accompanying their owners during the program's four hours of work.

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