Small Dog - Everything you need to know

Small Dog - Everything you need to know

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It is possible to have a pet, even living in small places, such as an apartment or a house without a yard. A small dog is best suited for these environments and adapts best to small spaces.

We will see later that a small dog it has many advantages, but it also needs special care ranging from heart care to brushing your teeth more often.

Top 5 Small Dog Breeds

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5- Pug

They are sociable, kind and well behaved. They like fun and develop a strong bond as their owners, because of that, they can be a little jealous when ignored. They are compact and weigh less than 9 kilos.

4- English Bulldog

They get along well with other animals and like children. They are docile, loyal, do not require much physical exercise and, therefore, adapt well to small spaces.

3- Maltese

It has a serene character that matches their face. They are a great companion for the elderly because they can spend a lot of time at rest, lying down or sleeping. They are sociable and although they do not need much physical exercise they like nature and open environments.

2- Shih Tzu

They are great companions and will take it all: hours resting in your favorite place, regular walks. They are always around and love the affection of their owners.

1- Poodle

THE small dog most famous of all. They do not lose hair and do not smell. A little bit of frequent physical exercise helps to maintain the health of these lovely companions.

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Advantages of a small dog

A small puppy, besides being cuddly, brings some advantages to its owner. Most of them, obviously, are because of their more compact size, but others cover topics such as kindness and acceptance of the pet in different places.

  1. It’s easier to take it everywhere. On a stroll in the mall, for example, it is better received than large dogs, as it is less threatening.
  1. They are easy to hug. Children, especially, love this type of animal because they are easier to carry, care for and hug. THE small size dog transmits more kindness and security to children.
  1. Take a walk. Despite the mini size, this type of dog is very electric and is constantly moving around the house. Because of this, you do not need very long walks to keep yourself exercised.

Special care for small dogs

Dogs of small sizes, like all pets, need dedication and affection. In addition to basic care such as feeding, bathing, veterinary monitoring, a small dog needs special attention with nails, mouth, heart and changes in temperature.

Generally, these pets live in urban areas and spend most of their time indoors, walk less, and maintain little contact with other animals. These factors favor the growth of dogs' nails, as they have nowhere to shave their nails. One solution is to provide toys that allow the dog to wear his nails (like an old pillow), walks in parks or paved streets.

The cutting of nails on small dogs it will be more frequent, so always be aware of its growth. Large nails make it difficult for the dog to walk and may end up scratching the owner unintentionally.

Another point that deserves special attention is the mouth. Animal teeth also need care such as cleaning, brushing and thorough cleaning. Some studies indicate that small dogs have more delicate teeth and suffer from greater tooth decay, so it is important to have a mouth check frequently and brush their teeth at least 3 times a week.

Dog hairs serve as a thermal insulator in both summer and winter. However, some breeds do not have this natural protection or are not sufficient to protect the pet.

In these cases, heat takes time to leave the body and, therefore, hypothermia is frequent, especially in dogs under 2 kilos. Yorkshire, for example, is super sensitive to cold, and a way to protect small dogs is to buy thermal clothes for them. In addition to being beautiful, they protect the dog from strong temperature changes.

One last special attention with these little ones is with their hearts. On average, 60% of miniature dogs suffer from heart problems throughout their lives and usually start after 10 years of age.

Check the preventives with the veterinarian and observing the dog's behavior on a daily basis helps to prevent the dog's heart problems.

A tip: if a pet starts to bark a lot from one hour to the next, it may indicate a heart problem. Stay tuned!

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