"Cuckoo!": Westie puppy hides in a cozy bed

"Cuckoo!": Westie puppy hides in a cozy bed

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"Well? Where's my little buddy gone?" The West Highland White Terrier wonders in the video. "Is he maybe in the dog bed?" He wonders and approaches the bed. Boing! A small dog is already jumping out from under the pillow and cheekily barking at his big Westie friend.

The adult dog does not like that and barks back confidently. "Always these young bouncers, no manners," he seems to think. The white fluffy puppy remains unimpressed and then the two West Highland White Terriers discuss in dog language who is more entitled to the cuddly bed.

The small dog does not even think about clearing its place and the big dog does not seem to notice that there is a second bed in the background where he could take a nap. The cheeky puppy hides under the pillow and just sticks his head out to stand up to his big buddy. In the end, however, the mini fluff is tired of the game and runs away - followed by his adult friend.

West Highland White Terrier: Small white family dog


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