Doggie Daycare Selfie Goes Viral

Doggie Daycare Selfie Goes Viral

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May 15, 2018 Photos by: Go Fetch Doggie Daycare and Boarding/Facebook

An adorable ‘selfie’ of dogs hanging out in an Ohio doggie daycare has gone viral, and shows that social media isn’t just for the humans with opposable thumbs!

It’s the day and age of the ‘selfie,’ and our furriest friends are not letting themselves be left out! A group of fun-loving pups who at the Go Fetch Dog Daycare and Boarding center in Loveland, Ohio decided to show the world how much fun they were having while their humans were away.

The folks at Go Fetch say that their priority to pets and their owners is to make sure the pets are happy and healthy and the owners are secure in that.

What says happy and healthier better than a Labrador Retriever mix taking a ‘selfie’ along with dozens of her closest fur-friends?

The ‘dog photog’ who appears to be the selfie ringleader is named Rogue and she belongs to Jacqueline Sexton. Sexton shared the picture in a Stray Animal Adoption Program Facebook group she is in. She adopted Rogue from the Northern Kentucky Animal Rescue and asked the Facebook group if it didn’t look like her pup was taking a selfie with all her friends?

Go Fetch posted it on their site originally, showing the world how happy their customers were, and the caption, “We’re a bunch of goofballs!” makes that place sound like the most fun ever!

Count me (and my pups!) in for a road trip to Go Fetch! Pool time, here we come!

Lori Ennis

Lori Ennis is a wife, mama and friend to all animals. A self-confessed “Hot Mess,” she lives wherever the Marine Corps takes her husband. Currently, that’s Maryland with her very spoiled Labrador Retriever-mix rescue pups and a ton of saltwater fish just tanking around. Lori’s family has fostered dogs for years, mostly Golden Retrievers, and knows no home is complete without an animal buddy (or seven)!

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