How to Rent With Pets

How to Rent With Pets

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Angela has been both a renter with multiple pets and a pet-friendly landlord. She has shared her life with several dogs and cats.

How to Rent With Pets

If you've ever had to find rental housing that allows pets, then chances are you know just how hard it can be. Many pet owners have complained that the only rentals available to them are substandard or in poor condition because landlords generally don't want pets in their nice apartments or homes. After talking to both landlords and tenants, it's not as black-and-white as it might seem at first.

Landlords aren't all evil and immoral for refusing pets, and tenants with pets aren't all messy or irresponsible. Landlords just want to protect their investment while tenants want a decent place to live with their pets. Here's what you can do if you're a pet owner trying to find a place to rent.

Why Are Landlords Reluctant to Rent to People With Pets?

It's easy to get angry with landlords who refuse to allow renters with pets. Pets are part of the family, and for someone who's looking for housing, it can feel downright discriminatory to refuse pets! But from a landlord's perspective, it only takes one irresponsible tenant to turn them off to pets.

Landlords who refuse pets aren't necessarily pet-haters. They might even have their own pets, but maybe they've heard horror stories from other landlords, or maybe they allowed pets at one time but had a bad experience that they don't care to repeat.

  • Damages caused by pets. Although many jurisdictions allow landlords to charge a little extra for pets, there is often a limit as to how much they can charge. The tenant's security deposit sometimes isn't enough to cover the repairs.
  • Noise problems. Excessive barking, meowing, or even chirping can become a huge problem in an apartment or condominium where there are lots of residents living in close quarters. Constant noise complaints can cause the landlord many headaches trying to deal with the issue.
  • Community concerns. Tenants are expected to behave in a way that shows respect for their neighbors and their community. Tenants who don't pick up after their dogs, who let cats wander and cause a nuisance, or don't keep dogs leashed can cause the neighbors to lodge a complaint. And it's the landlord who has to deal with the issue once again.

So you can see why many landlords are reluctant to accept pets. It's not necessarily that they don't like pets, but more that they're worried about making sure their investment is properly cared for. They are understandably wary about the possibility of getting an irresponsible tenant who doesn't take their responsibilities as a pet owner seriously. Some condominiums will even fine the owners if the tenant breaks the rules!

How to Persuade a Landlord to Allow a Pet

Landlords want to protect their investment. As a pet owner, you want to show a prospective landlord that you are a responsible tenant and a responsible pet owner. You want to convince the landlord that it would be a good thing to have you as a tenant! Here are a few things to consider when renting with pets:

  • Create a resume for your pet. It might sound funny to have a resume for an animal, but it can help show a landlord that you are a responsible pet owner. Include helpful information like obedience and socialization classes, any volunteer work your pet might have done (e.g., pet-assisted therapy work), references from veterinarians, dog trainers, pet sitters, neighbors, previous landlords, etc. You could also include a copy of your pet's vaccination records to show that he's healthy and is up-to-date on vaccines. It also helps to show that your pet is spayed or neutered. Finally, include a short write-up about you as a pet owner.
  • Offer a prospective landlord the opportunity to visit you at your current residence. He can then meet your pet and see how well you keep your current rental unit.
  • Try to take a few days off when you move into a new place to help your pet adjust. It's new for your pet too, and sometimes even the quietest pets will get anxious in new surroundings and make excessive noise, disturbing the neighbors. It often helps if you can be there to help your pet adjust to his new home.
  • Be a good neighbor. Make sure your pets don't disturb your neighbors, whether it's with noise, pets wandering loose, or unsightly messes. Remember that your landlord has to deal with complaints and won't be happy if it keeps happening!
  • Be diligent about addressing any concerns your landlord may have. If an issue arises about your pet, make sure you understand what the problem is and take immediate steps to address it. For example, your dog may bark excessively when you first move in because he's unsure of his surroundings. Try another temporary solution (put your dog in a comfy covered crate with his bedding, toys, and water; take him to a doggy daycare; take a few days off to help your dog adjust).
  • Get permission for all types of pets, not just dogs. Sometimes tenants assume that indoor cats or caged pets will automatically be okay because no one else ever sees them. Trouble (and heartache) arises when they're found to have pets without permission. There are many landlords that place restrictions on what types of pets you can have. Even birds are a touchy issue because their singing, chirping, and sometimes even talking can be loud and disruptive to other residents of the building.
  • Check your rental agreement first before you get a pet. Most of the time, you will need to get approval from your landlord before you get a pet, even if you already have one. Many rental units have a limit on the number of pets you can have, the size of the pet or the types of pets allowed.
  • Get it in writing. A verbal acceptance of your pet isn't good enough. Ask to get it in writing so that you have some protection if they later ask you to get rid of your pet (if you violate any of the rules, they may be able to do it anyway). Make sure your rental agreement states the name and type of your pet(s).
  • Be prepared with temporary housing plans. You might not be able to find pet-friendly housing right away, so have a backup plan in place. Ask a good friend or a family member if they would be willing to care for your pet temporarily until you can find rental housing that allows pets. If you can't bear the thought of being away from your pet, then stay at short-term pet-friendly accommodations like hotels or even a B&B or a cottage.

Although landlords and tenants are often at odds about the issue of allowing pets in rental units, there are many successful landlord-tenant relationships that include pets. Landlords are happy to have responsible tenants with pets as it can mean less turnover. Tenants with pets are likewise happy to have decent "pets allowed" housing and will take good care of the rental unit.

Sarah Forester from Australia on February 24, 2014:

I had so much trouble renting with my pet, it's unfortunate but I can understand why they do it.

iluvdogscuzihavthree on June 15, 2012:

Once I had three dogs and we were going to move into an apartment but I know that it means I have to give up my three baby maltese puppies! I had to do something so I cried and cried until my mom finally let me keep them cuz she found a new house for us. Lolz! Good luck to the peeps who cant keep a pet! And may the odds always be in ur favors! :}

Joe Njenga from Nairobi Kenya on June 05, 2012:

Very useful hub on renting with Pets, I was once challenged by having to live in an Apartment with a dog while it was not allowed. If I am renting I always ask if pets are allowed. Its important to know before moving to the new apartment.

Angela (author) on April 16, 2012:

So sorry to hear about the loss of Aspen, mbaker865. She sounds like she had a long and happy life. Thanks for commenting.

mbaker865 from Knoxville, TN on April 16, 2012:

As a previous renter in various states, this is a great article full of useful advice. The Eskie in this article looks so much like my "Aspen". Sadly, we lost her in January after 15 wonderful years. She made many moves and began her life with us as an apartment puppy. One suggestion I might add to renters (if it is in the budget) is to invest in a dog walker. It helps significantly with destructive behavior because the dog gets that necessary daily exercise and interaction and can help with barking as well with some dogs. Aspen was very receptive to it, looked forward to her new friend that walked her and overall was more relaxed when we got home in the evening.

Wes on January 04, 2012:

I have always had multiple animals and have been fortunate to be able to rent from friends. It is insane to try and find a truly pet friendly rental in California. Just about impossible if you have a Dog that is labeled an aggressive breed from insurance cost for possible dog bite. I believe it should all be on the owner of the pet not the landlord if your dog bites somebody.It is just another excuse for insurance companies to charge more money.It should be treated the same as a gun. Landlords don't tell you or ask if you own a gun.They are not held responsible if you shoot some one you are.Aggressive labeled dog breeds should be treated no differently from the non aggressive breeds.I have owned Pit bulls and Dobermans that were not aggressive and never would bite anyone unless I was being physically attacked. If they were to bite I would feel responsible as their owner. These rules against Pets just seem mean and hateful by heartless greedy landlords.

Courtney and Robert on November 23, 2011:

We, have 5 feline children, have just been hired for state jobs in VA 2 hrs away from our NC home and finding housing close to work is almost like selling ice to an Eskimo chief. Its horrible and some people wonder why its so hard to find homes for the kittens or puppies their pets produce. Its leading to a point where your going to have to own a home in order to have a gold fish.

u2philly on September 30, 2011:

Need to move out of my rental house. Landlord is not fixing and we have mold. I have 4 cats. Called many apartments that say pet friendly or cats allowed. But they don't tell you how many cats. So my boyfriend and I call and they turn us down because of 4 cats. I don't know where to look for a place to live? Turn down after turn down. What does one do?? Im not giving up my babies

Karen on January 29, 2011:

Many,many more people will need to rent when they lose their homes in the upcoming years. If these people can't find homes that will take their animals too then a lot of these animals will end up at the pound and will be euthanized.

Paty on May 30, 2010:

It is difficult to find a clean decent place to live when you have pets, I have a shih tzu who just happends to be a whole lot cleanner than most kids in my complex. My dog don't write on the wall, he don't put his dirty greasy hands on the sliding patio door, he don't throw food on the floor and most importantly, he does not pee on the toilet seat or have smelly nasty diapers. My little dog is perfectly house trained and sweet smelling, I think people with children should have to pay a monthly fee of $35.00 per kid.

Angela (author) on November 23, 2009:

Hi Stimp! The dog in the photo is a mini Eskie at the larger end of the mini-Eskie scale. I love all dogs too. Glad to hear that you were able to find a place that allows pets. It can be tough when vacancy rates are low! Thanks for commenting.

Stimp from Upper Midwest on November 18, 2009:

Is that a toy Eskie? Cute, cute, cute. I have an eskie who was supposed to be a toy but apparently he suffers from gigantism since he's closer to being of standard size rather than toy. But I still love their little faces. I too have had to rent with animals. Fortunately, the economy dictated at that time that we, as the renters, got to say what was what.....and what was what at that time was me renting a town home with a cat, a pomeranian, and a german shep. It is what it is and no damage was done.

tonyhubb on November 10, 2009:

Very good information, thanks!

Angela (author) on August 10, 2009:

Hi Morris, thanks for commenting. Pets don't necessarily mean "noise, damage, and smells". We know lots of responsible pet owners who have pets in rental housing and you'd never even know the pets were there! That's not to say that there aren't irresponsible pet owners too, but it's hard for both sides (landlords and tenants). Landlords are of course worried about their investment and are reluctant to allow pets, but at the same time there are lots of great tenants who just happen to have pets.

Morris Streak from UK on July 21, 2009:

I suppose it's the noise, the damage, and the smells the pets leave behind that bother some people, from my experience at least. As for the noise, one could get some soundproofing, especially for the windows. So one might need to do some house repairs after all, to adjust to the pets. Good hub. I'm into window repairs, by the way.

Angela (author) on April 27, 2008:

Thanks, grousepup and Chris, both of your comments. Chris - there are always people with pets looking for good housing. Hopefully if you place an ad stating that you allow pets, you'll be able to find the right family for your little home.

Chris on April 25, 2008:

Bravo - all such great advice. I am now on the opposite side of the fence with the perfect little house and fenced yard just looking for the right "Animal Family" to rent my old home... but how does one post a rental to just Dog People?

grousepup from South Salem on March 03, 2008:

Hey, kudos to you for one of the most thorough explorations of this extremely problematical situation for so many pet owners. Most complete and helpful to anyone faced with a vexing decision.

Best RV For Pets

Depending on what type of pet you have (cat, dog, or smaller animal), will depend on the type of RV you want to rent. Do you trust your animal in a pull behind all alone? Take note that this environment is new to them. They might become antsy. Are they going to destroy the furniture before you’ve even had the chance to enjoy it?

Most of the time, feline companions will be fine in a pull behind. Cats enjoy their privacy and are curious creatures by nature. They will most likely explore this new area while you’re driving and settling in. By the time you’ve reached camp and unpacked, your cat will feel at home!

Dogs, however, might need the reassurance from their owners that they’re okay. Dogs can be timid, and get frightened easily. A motorhome might be the best option for man’s best friend. If you choose a motorhome, your dog will be able to sit with your passenger and look out the window while being pet and comforted. They will also have the freedom to lay down directly behind you while driving.

All animals are different. If you feel like your pet will be fine in a pull behind, then, by all means, that’s what you should choose. If you’re unsure and want to play it safe, a motorhome may be your best bet. Remember: the motorhome you choose does not belong to you. You should think it through before you choose. You don’t want to return the RV rental that's pet friendly to its rightful owner with torn up furniture and soiled floors. Chances are, you’ll be the one that pays for the damage.

Traveling with pets is a wonderful way to bond with them. Exploring new places, going for longer walks, and meeting friends with other animals will be a great experience for both of you.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Florida

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Florida

Florida Pet Friendly Rentals

Pirates Bay - A306

Pet Policy: Dogs up to 50lbs.

Description: Beautifully appointed waterfront studio-condo located in the peaceful Pirates Bay resort in Fort Walton Beach. The resort enjoys a fabulous location, backing onto the Santa Rosa Sound and just 2 minutes away from the beautiful emerald coast white sand beaches of Okaloosa Island.

Stunning Beachhouse In Desin

Pet Policy: Pets are allowed.

Description: Open and airy beachfront villa newly renovated in a crisp, clean and elegant coastal chic aesthetic maximizes views of emerald waters. A private beach walkover leads to 100ft of deeded beach. With distinctive design elements like, vinyl plank flooring, a barrel-tile roof, and semicircular driveway, this home is exceptionally designed. Sparkling waters greet you upon entering the home, and water views flow effortlessly throughout the interior. On the ground floor, the wide expanse of windows in the open kitchen/dining/living area welcome panoramas of emerald waters, while the open concept floor plan mimics the breezy feel of the surrounding scene. Rarely does a Gulf front home on Holiday Isle come available at such a reasonable price. Do not missing this opportunity to secure this quintessential beach home which enjoys 100 feet of private beachfront that extends to where the emerald Gulf water meets the sugar white sand. This home has an established rental history. A deep covered porch on the first floor, joined by an equally deep sun deck on the second floor, are wonderful gathering places and spots to relax or sunbathe. Listen to the boats leaving East Pass and watch as seagulls and dolphins follow them. Beyond the open kitchen, living and dining room areas are windows and doors which stretch along the entire Gulf side of the home.


Pet Policy: A $500 security deposit is required for all pet friendly vacation rentals.
This deposit is refundable after the home is inspected and cleaned.

Description: Affordable 3 bedroom vacation home welcomes families travelling with their pets. Located in Chatham Park and includes a private screened in pool and sundeck.

Cotton Candy

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Casa Arena

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Gulf Isld 6632

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Perfect Pearl

Pet Policy: Dog-Friendly, Pet Crate Required, Pet Deposit Required, Pet Fee: $125 Non-Refundable.

Beachfront II 306

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Key Lime Pie

Crystal Beach Subdivision

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Leewrd Ky 1005

Pet Policy: Dog-Friendly, Max Weight of Pet, Pet Crate Required, Pet Deposit Required, Pet Fee: $125 Non-Refundable.

Blue Bayou

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Dolphin House

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Always Breeze

Pet Friendly Gulf Breeze Vacation Rental

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Holiday House

Dog welcome Destin Vacation Rental

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Holiday House

Pet Policy: Dogs only Must be housebroken (puppy pads not permitted) Must be spayed or neutered Must be 1 year old minimum No history of aggression Up to date on all shots/vaccines, and a flea/tick treatment within 14 days of arrival. Pet fee applies 200.00 for the full stay. Pet addendum signed at time of booking.

Description: This beautiful 4-bedroom beach house is located on the beachside of Thomas Drive, in a quiet, relaxing location. The beach is within a short walking distance for easy access. You can exit the house from the back gate to Holiday Drive, where you’ll find Beach Access 13. It is about a 1-2 minute walk from the house to the sand. The amenities add a special touch, making this beach house a luxury home. With a private, heated saltwater pool with a built-in sundeck a fenced-in backyard a hot tub with a waterfall into the pool and French doors looking over the whole scene, it’s a picturesque vacation spot. There is also a 1,400 square foot deck on the side of the house, decorated with tanning lounges, a gas grill, and a dining table with seating for 10 people. Other features for your stay include Wi-Fi, smart TVs, and keyless entry. The first-floor master bedroom has beautiful French doors overlooking the pool. There is a king-size bed in the master and a full bath adjacent to the suite. Upstairs, you’ll find three more bedrooms, one of which is an additional master with a private full-bath. The house has a total of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, sleeping a total of 10 people, with additional space for inflatable mattresses, if needed. There is a private parking lot adjacent to the house for your convenience. Please note: Renters must be above 25 years of age. Smoking only permitted outside.

Beach Bungalow

Pet friendly Florida vacation rental

Pet Policy: Dog Friendly weekly rental $100 cleaning fee

Description: The Beach Bungalow is an oceanfront compound of three two bedroom villas, all with individual fully fenced private tropicals gardens with in ground spas. The villas are appointed with French terra-cotta and marble tile ground floors and hardwood on the second floor. The location is ideal, with all the amenities of our little beach town only blocks away and the beach at the front door. Please check our website for lots of photos and descriptions and to book a villa. See you at the beach!

Leeward Key 0901

Pets welcome Condo Florida

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Leeward Key 0702

Miramar Beach Gulf Front Rental that welcomes a dog

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Emerald Dolphine 0620

Two Bedroom Condo Pensacola Beach

Description: Come and enjoy your stay at this two bedroom condominium. Located in Pensacola Beach, Florida, you can enjoy the beach and all Pensacola Beach has to offer. This unit will give you a direct view of the Gulf. Bring your whole family because this condo can sleep up to six people. Enjoy the pool and the large sundeck.

Seascape Lakefront Villas 228

Seascape Lakefront Villas 228

Pet Policy: Dog-Friendly, Pet Fee: $125 Non-Refundable.

Leeward Key 0301

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

SunSet Villa

Pet Policy: We require all pets to be listed on the rental agreement at the time of signing. Prior to your arrival we require a note from your vet verifying that your pet is current with all of their vaccines, licenses, prescription heartworm, flea, and tick medications. In addition, all guests are personally responsible for cleaning-up after their pets (whether on our property, or during a walk around the neighborhood).

Description: Our Indian Rocks Beach SunSet Villa is a great 2b/2b vacation rental! It is completely updated, light, bright, clean and has one of the best central locations in Indian Rocks Beach. A quiet, friendly neighborhood setting away from the Gulf Blvd. traffic and congestion, yet only a 3 to 4 minute stroll to the public beach access. This is an elevated stilt home with 15 steps to access the living space. This is a pet friendly home. Smoking is not permitted inside this home. If you are looking for a laid-back, quiet getaway, then SunSet Villa is the place for you. If you are looking for a wild & crazy party atmosphere, you won't find it here!

Casa Del Sol

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Turtle Tracks Barrier Dunes 188

Turtle Tracks Gulf View Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

Pet Policy: Dog friendly condo with Gulf view

Description: Turtle Tracks Gulf View Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 1 King & 1 Queen Bedroom & a sleeper sofa Gulf Views from BOTH SIDES! | 90 steps to Beach – 1 minute walk 3 Porches / Decks | End unit WiFi Internet Access! | 3 cable TVs-2 are HD LEDs| DVDs Full kitchen, Laundry room Covered parking | Pet friendly | Gas Grill Gate on back deck for dogs & kids Central Heat & Air | All linens provided| Non-Smoking

Water’s Edge Barrier Dunes 177

Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

Pet Policy: Dogs welcome to enjoy the beach with you.


Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Best Spot in Naples! Gorgeous 3BD/2BD Coach Home Newly Decorated. Click here for more photos

CONTACT Larry at (239) 216-6732 or [email protected] for further details

Pet Policy: Two (2) pets of any size for no additional fee in our amenity-rich gated community (Carlton Lakes) priced from $50 a day! To see more pictures of our 3 Pet Friendly Naples Florida Vacation Rentals, on Facebook go to Pet Friendly Naples Florida Vacation Rentals or Click "Book Now" above, then go to "Photos" then "Albums": "4960 Carlton Lakes", "5055 Carlton Lakes", "600 Carlton Lakes" and "Carlton Lakes Amenities".

Description: Welcome to your Naples Happy Place that checks all the boxes! Large (1,800 sq feet), sunny and bright, 2nd floor, south facing, corner (eastern end) carriage home. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a large single car attached garage with room for our two bikes, beach chairs/umbrella, golf clubs. Our Happy Place has an extra large screened lanai (250 square feet) and loads of windows which provide tranquil views of the lake and palms in our intimate gated community, Carlton Lakes. Amenities include 4 Har Tru tennis courts, Olympic sized pool and Jacuzzi, large gym, bocce ball and basketball courts and a jungle gym for kids. It also has great trails for walking and bike riding. It is also very pet friendly. We are close to the best that Naples has to offer including the best beaches, tennis, golf, boating, fishing, water parks, LA Fitness, restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, Mercato, parks . Easy access to major arteries to get you quickly to all Naples, Estero, Marco and Bonita attractions. Beautifully designed and newly decorated! The unit has a spacious floor plan with vaulted, high ceilings that make the unit seem even larger than its already spacious 1,800 square feet plus 250 square foot lanai. Extra large master with huge walk-in closet. Unique Naples layout allows lanai access and/or lake/palms view from all principal rooms including Master Bedroom, Dining Room and Kitchen, 3rd bedroom/den and Great Room! A unique study "Nook" with a nautical window is perfect for surfing the Internet or doing admin or work, but only if absolutely necessary! Beautifully designed and decorated including: Gorgeous bamboo flooring in main living areas, quartz kitchen counter tops, Bosch stainless steel appliances, soft close kitchen cabinets with modern hardware, large (60" and 50") 4K LED TVs in Great Room and bedrooms, leather power reclining loveseats in the Great Room, beautiful glass dining room table and chairs, original paintings, and high-end chaises and table/chairs on lanai. For your comfort, we bought high-end Simmons Beautyrest "Black" mattresses with Egyptian cotton sheets and down duvets. We have been vacationing in Naples for 30 years and know our place will check all your boxes to give you the best experience Naples has to offer!

Beach Castle

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Blue Lagoon 5

Description: Welcome to Blue Lagoon! This complex has one of the best community pools on the island! Large, tropical pool with a 10' waterfall right outside your back door! Each property has its own distinct personality, but one thing you’ll be able to find is an eye of casual island luxury. Blue Lagoon 5 makes room for up to six guests to sleep comfortably throughout two bedrooms and bathrooms. (2) Bedrooms, (2) Bathrooms, accommodates up to (6) people: 1 King, 2 Twins, 1 Sleeper Sofa. The master features a king sized mattress and in the guest room is a set of charming twins. Another couple of people can get cozy on the sleeper sofa in the living room. Your vacation condo will sit right next to a charming community pool. Heated to a comfortable temperature in the winter, but featuring a wading and sunbathing area that is perfect for our sundrenched Florida summers. In cooler months, turn off the air conditioning and open your windows to enjoy the trickling sound of a ten inch waterfall. Other features poolside include a shared barbeque grill, lounge chairs, and shady tiki hut. And if you prefer to keep it a little more natural for your swim, the Blue Lagoon Condominiums are less than two blocks from the Gulf of Mexico with our world famous and pristine white sand beaches. Slip on your flip flops and take a quick jaunt down to the water where you can enjoy all sorts of fun in the sun. Local favorite past times include paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and for the boldest of hearts – parasailing! Enjoy it all and if you need help making arrangements for rentals, just get in touch with us at the office. Island Real Estate can help get you set up with any one of our fabulous vendors in the areas. On your way back, hop a ride on the free and air conditioned Island Trolley that runs from 6am to 10pm every day. It will take you all throughout Anna Maria City, Holmes and Bradenton Beaches. So if you don’t feel like cooking after a day of sandcastles and boogie boards, you can grab some takeout from anywhere around our little barrier island. Maybe a fresh and crisp caprese salad from Village Café over on Pine Ave. Or if your vacation was meant for decadence, head down to Lobstah’s in Holmes Beach where you can enjoy an extensive appetizers menu, indulgent local cuisine and even an Island Real Estate cocktail! However you spend the vacation daze, Blue Lagoon 5 will be a comfortable corner of paradise for you to come back to. As a member of our Premium Linens Program, the vacation condo will provide hotel quality sheets, beach and bath towels for everyone in your party. You’ll be swimming, sleeping, and showering with an extra shot of luxury that will make you forget all about hotel living. Book with Island Real Estate today and that will put you one step closer to a dream vacation in Holmes Beach. We can’t to see you around Blue Lagoon! Great news, this property welcomes ANY DAY arrivals in “non-peak” seasons. However, over most US holidays and during January-Easter the calendar is strictly SAT-SAT.

Leewrd Ky 1003

Miramar Beach Pet Friendly Condo

Pet Policy: Dog-Friendly, Max Weight of Pet, Pet Crate Required, Pet Deposit Required, Pet Fee: $125 Non-Refundable.


Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Camelot Beach Resort

Beacons 10

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Cape Escape 2 Barrier Dunes 91

A beach cart to get it all to the beach–though it’s only a 60 second walk!

Description: 2 Bedrooms – 1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Sleeper Sofa | 2.5 Bath 3 Porches — Fish or feed the turtles FROM the back porch! End Unit – window seat for lots of extra light Wireless Internet Access | FREE Domestic Long Distance 3 cable TV’s 3 DVDs Full kitchen | Laundry room | Always Pet Friendly Covered parking | Hot & Cold Outdoor Shower 60 sec. walk to beach (200 STEPS) – Beach Side Gas Grill | Fishing Cleaning Station | Gate on back deck for dogs & kids All linens provided |Central Heat & Air

Biglow's Bungalow

Pet Policy: We only are "dog friendly", no cats. We have a $150 non-refundable fee in order to bring a dog.

Description: Biglow's Bungalow is a family and pet friendly (small dogs) home located along Scenic Hwy 98 in the Gulfside Cottage subdivision. Gulfside Cottages are near the Silver Sands Outlet Mall in Miramar Beach. First Floor: Kitchen, living, dining and Queen bedroom with full bathroom. Second Floor: Master bedroom with King and private bath. Queen bedroom and a room with 2 twin beds and shared bath. Third Floor: Loft with twin daybed and trundle. Amenities included with your stay include: - One complimentary round of golf at Regatta Bay per day. - One complimentary Deep Sea Fishing trip on the Destin Princess per day. - 4 free tickets and 2 free rounds of minature golf per day at The Track. - Unlimited movie and game rentals, one movie/game out at a time. *amenities not included on monthly rentals This home rents weekly from Saturday to Saturday (March-August). Small dogs are allowed (with additional $150 pet fee). Parking for 3 cars. This home rents weekly from Sat-Sat (March-August).

A Perfect Pearl

Seven Bedroom Vacation Home A Perfect Pearl

Description: Enjoy a stay at this massive seven bedroom home. Located in Destin Florida, this vacation home is a short distance from the beach. This massive home can sleep up to 25 people, so it is the perfect vacation home for your family and friends. This elegant home is the perfect place to relax by the water. This pet friendly home will not disappoint.

Mango Tango

Dogs welcome Emerald Shores

Pet Policy: Dog-Friendly, Groups Welcome, Max Weight of Pet, Minimum Age to Rent, Non-Smoking Rentals, Pet Crate Required, Pet Deposit Required, Pet Fee: $125 Non-Refundable.

Casa Paraiso

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.


Pet Policy: Dog-Friendly with a pet fee of 125

Cape Escape 1 Barrier Dunes 67

Perfect, Family-Friendly and Pet Friendly Condo, Between the 2 Pools & Tennis Courts

Description: Perfect, Family-Friendly Condo, Between the 2 Pools & Tennis Courts! 2 Bedrooms: 1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Sleeper Sofa | 2 Bath 3 Porches. End Unit – window seat for lots of extra light Just 150 STEPS to beach: 1 pool about 75 steps off back deck Wireless DSL Internet Access! | 3 cable TV’s 2 DVD’s Free Domestic Long Distance | Full kitchen | Laundry room | Always Pet-Friendly Covered parking | Hot & Cold Outdoor Shower Gas Grill | Gate on back deck for dogs & kids All linens provided | Central Heat & Air

Destin Breeze

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Leewrd Ky 1102

Dog Friendly Destin Condo

Pet Policy: Dog Friendly, Max Weight of Pet, Minimum Age to Rent, Non-Smoking Rentals, Pet Deposit Required, Pet Fee Required - Non Refundable, Pet Fee: $125 Non Refundable, Private WiFi, Telephone (Local), Covered Parking, Free Parking, Limited Parking Available, Parking Garage, Community Outdoor Pool, Across the Street from Beach, Bike to Beach, Convenient to Main Retail Area, Drive to Shops/Restaurants, Near the Beach, Walk to Beach, Beach View, Coastline View, Community View, Gulf View, Partial Beach View, Partial Coastline View, Partial Gulf View, Airport Shuttle (Fee), Beach Chair & Umbrella (Seasonal - Fee), Bike Rentals (Fee), Daily Housekeeping (Fee), Every other day Housekeeping (Fee), Grocery Shopping Services, Keyless Entry, Mid-Week Housekeeping (Fee), Aquarium, Boating, Casual Dining, Coffee House, Dancing/Disco, Fine Dining, Fishing, Golf, Grocery Store, Hospital, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Kite Surfing, Parasailing, Pharmacy, Pub/Bar, Shopping, Snorkeling/Diving, Spa, State Park, Surfing, Theme Park, Tiki Bar/Grill, Urgent Care, Water Park, Windsurfing, Yolo/Paddleboarding, Cable/Satellite - Basic Channels, DVD Player(s), Flat Screen Television(s), Free DVD Rentals, Attached Master Bath, King, Pull-Out, Queen, Double Vanity, Jetted Tub, Toiletries Included, Balcony, Gas Grill, Stairs to Access Unit, Den, Blender, Coffee Maker, Cooking Utensils Provided, Cookware, Dishwasher, Disposal, Electric Stove, Full Kitchen, Glassware, Ice Maker (Freezer), Iron/Ironing Board, Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Central Air Conditioning, Central Heat, Elevator, Linens Provided, Washer/Dryer in Unit

BchsdeVil 0814

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Cotton Candy

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Pass-a-Grille Beach House Rentals

Pet Policy: PET POLICY: Must be approved in advance of booking. Pets must be non-aggressive toward other animals, adults or children. You must have a health note from your vet dated within 30 days of travel- you must either take a picture and email that to me or send it to me in the mail- It has to note that pet is on a flea treatment/heart worm program. I will need a copy of your pet's health certificate for my files 3 weeks prior to your arrival. You are responsible for picking up after your animal. There is a cleaning fee of $35 required for pet owners in a one-bedroom house.

Turtle Crawl Barrier Dunes 191

Gulf Views from BOTH SIDES and Pet Friendly

Pet Policy: Dog friendly rental and beach.

Description: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths 1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Queen sleeper sofa Gulf Views from BOTH SIDES! | 75 steps to Beach 3 Decks | End unit WiFi Internet Access! | 3 Flat Screen Cable TVs & DVDs Full kitchen, Laundry room |Free domestic long distance Covered parking | Pet friendly | Gas Grill Gate on back deck for dogs & kids Central Heat & Air | All linens provided| Non-Smoking

Sea Dream

St George Island Dogs Allowed

Pet Policy: A $100 pet fee is required per dog, limit 2. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture or beds. Please clean up any dog “poo” in the yard. Dogs must be on a leash when walked. Crates — if you normally crate your dog at home, we ask that you crate him/her here as well. Flea and tick protection: fleas are here on the Gulf Coast in full force, so please be sure your dogs are current on their flea protection medicine. Dogs are not allowed on the beach at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, but are allowed along the peninsula at Ft Morgan. Dogs are allowed on the beach on St George.

Description: Sea Dream on beautiful St George Island! This single family beach view home is just a short walk to the beach and only 1 block from the bay. Sea Dream is built for comfort and you'll love the homey touches throughout this home. The open living area has room for the whole gang, and the kitchen is equipped to prepare simple meals Step outside the back door and relax on a large deck that runs the entire length of the home. There’s an outdoor shower, a fish cleaning station, picnic table and access to the washer and dryer outside. Other amenities include cable TV and wireless internet. If you're looking for a relaxing, rejuvenating time away from home, then you'll love St George Island. It is a photographer and nature lover's dream.

Leeward Key 1001

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Blue's Beach Bungalow

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Even Keel

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Happy Harbor House

Pet Friendly Waterway View Vacation Rental

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Leeward Key 0605

Pet Policy: Welcoming 1 dog with a fee of 125.00 for the stay, maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Sea Breeze Barrier Dunes 52

Gulf Views & backs up to lake | 40 steps to the Beach

Description: 2 Bedrooms | King, Queen & Queen sleeper sofa | 2.5 Baths Gulf Views & backs up to lake | 40 steps to the Beach Free Highspeed Internet & Long Distance | 3 cable TV’s, 3 DVDs Free Domestic Long Distance | Fully stocked kitchen, Laundry room Covered parking | Pet Friendly Gate on the back deck for pets & little ones Hot & Cold Outside Shower Gas Grill | Central Heat and Air All linens provided | Non-Smoking

Private Paradise Pool Home

Pet Policy: We require all pets to be listed on the rental agreement at the time of signing. Two weeks prior to your stay we require a note from your vet verifying that your pet is current with all of their vaccines, licenses, prescription heartworm, flea, and tick medications. In addition, all guests are personally responsible for cleaning-up after their pets (whether on our property, or during a walk around the neighborhood).

Description: Private Paradise Pool Home is a 3b/2b home located in Indian Rocks Beach. This home is completely updated, light, bright, clean, and has a great central location in Indian Rocks Beach. A peaceful neighborhood setting away from traffic and congestion, yet only a five minute stroll to the public beach access. This is ranch style home with convenient access to the living space. This is a pet-friendly home. Smoking is not permitted inside this home. If you are looking for a laid-back, quiet getaway, then Private Paradise is the place for you. If you are looking for a wild & crazy "party like a rock star" atmosphere, you won't find it here! Indoor Living Space Private Paradise - Pool Home offers a split bedroom plan and sleeps 6 comfortably - 1 bedroom with queen bed (blue), 1 bedroom with full bed (yellow), and one bedroom with two twin beds (brown). Bedrooms have dressers and nice sized closets. The master bedroom has french-doors that open to the pool area. One full bathroom with tub and second bath with large shower. Fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops, generous-updated cabinet space, full-size newer appliances, ceramic tile floors, and patio doors that open to the poolside dining area from the kitchen. The main living space includes a dining area, living room with sofa, love seat and lounge chairs. Laundry closet with full-size washer and dryer is located in the hallway between bedrooms. Ceramic tile flooring runs throughout the entire home. Outdoor Living Space Private fenced yard with tropical landscape, lovely in-ground pool (with weekly pool service), covered dining/lounge area, outdoor lighting, dining tables and chairs, poolside lounge chairs, propane gas BBQ grill. There is also a separate "Tiki Bar Hut", which is great for outdoor entertaining. Covered front porch with bench and tropical plants. This home also has paved, off-street parking, and a covered entryway. Amenities Washer/dryer, high-speed WiFi, Cable TV in living room, DVD player, CD/stereo, CD alarm clock, kitchen/bed/bath linens & towels, ceiling fans, central AC/Heat, clothes hangers, dishes, silverware, pots/pans, cooking utensils, toaster, coffee maker, blender, microwave, dishwasher, full-size refrigerator, electric range, glassware, beach towels, blankets, coolers, beach chairs, rafts/floaties, two adult bicycles, kayaks, and more!

While some states do allow non-refundable pet fees as a condition of having a pet in your rental, make sure you differentiate these fees from the deposit. Just like any other rental deposit (and in accordance with state laws governing how these funds must be held), a pet deposit must be refunded minus any expenses for pet-related repairs or cleaning.

However, it’s best to protect yourself and avoid disputes by detailing how any of the funds were spent when you return the balance of the deposit. This may include photographs documenting instances of damage or soiling caused by the pet, an itemized list of what was done to repair the damage, and amounts spent to fix or clean the rental unit.

Produce a pet-biog

Document all the relevant information that may help to set your landlord’s mind at rest that you are a careful pet owner: Veterinary practice, history, emergency care contact, record of vaccinations. If they know that you look after your pet well that should assure them that you will take care of their property.

Get a pet reference

Demonstrate that you are a responsible owner by asking a previous landlord for a reference. Veterinary practices may also be able to vouch for you. Try inviting a potential landlord to visit you and your pet at your current address to demonstrate that the house is in good repair and the pet is well behaved.

Time it right

Leaving your house-hunting to the last minute may restrict your chances of finding a pet-friendly property. Check your notice period and ensure your search fits within the relevant timescale.

Can a landlord legally reject an emotional support animal?

Your landlord can’t evict you because you have an emotional support animal — that’s a clear violation of FHA rules. You have to follow certain regulations as well. For example, you must request reasonable accommodations before you bring an emotional support animal into your housing unit.

A landlord also can’t legally reject an emotional support animal because of their age. However, you’re responsible for any damage your animal causes, so keep that in mind if your emotional support animal is more prone to causing property damage, like a young puppy.

There are also certain situations when a landlord can legally reject an emotional support animal, including:

  • If a building has four or fewer units, and the landlord also lives in one of the buildings.
  • If you’re renting a single-family house without a realtor the owner also must own fewer than three single-family homes.
  • If the animal causes undue financial hardship for a landlord.
  • If your animal causes harm or damages to others or their property.
  • If your animal is too big for the accommodations you want to rent. For example, you won’t be allowed to bring a horse into a tiny studio apartment.

Knowing your rights will allow you to have a conversation with your landlord about your emotional support animal. Search thousands of pet-friendly apartments on Zumper and find your new home with your furry friend.

Watch the video: Should you rent to tenants with pets?


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