Best vacuum for cat litter

Best vacuum for cat litter

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Best vacuum for cat litter. In this article, I will be reviewing three of the best vacuum for cat litter I've tested so far. If you are looking for a vacuum for your pet or cat and are not sure which product is the best for you, read my ultimate guide on which vacuum to buy for your pets or cats.

If you are an Amazonian and want to support my site and purchase these products, here is a link. All three of these products I have tested and rated. You can even use the code NUTRO for 20% off. These links are the highest rated products I reviewed.

What is the Best Vacuum for Cat Litter?

I know that this topic is always up for debate. Do you need a hand vacuum for cat litter or a upright vacuum? I've tested both. The upright vacuum is definitely the best for cat litter for me and I would highly recommend it. If I had to buy again, I would go for a hand vacuum for cat litter. If your goal is to be a cat fan, the hand vacuum is a better choice. However, if you just need to vacuume up the cat's litter, you are better off with the upright vacuum.

In the following sections, I will give you my best picks of each.

Best Hand Vacuum for Cat Litter

The Best Hand Vacuum for Cat Litter is the Numatic BV300. This hand vacuum is my pick for the best vacuum for cat litter. The reason why I chose the BV300 as the best hand vacuum for cat litter is because it's the best performing hand vacuum. Other hand vacuums that I've tested, failed to pick up cat litter, especially the dust.

In this article, I will show you why I believe the BV300 is the best hand vacuum for cat litter.

Numatic BV300 Review



Price: $59.99

Sized Perfectly for Cat Litter: I love how the Numatic BV300 is sized perfectly for cat litter. It makes cleaning cat litter super easy! It easily fits into small spaces. I also like the handle, which is easy to grip.

No Odor: I have a sensitive nose, and this hand vacuum does not leave any sort of odor behind.

No Dirt/Pet Hair Buildup: I tested this hand vacuum after vacuuming my cat's litter and you wouldn't believe the difference it made in my home. The difference is incredible. The BV300 didn't leave behind any of the litter and it was easy to vacuum because there was no buildup at the nozzle.

Bests at Cleaning the Cat's Litter: This vacuum is great at cleaning the cat's litter. The filter is a good size and it easily catches the litter with one swipe of the brush.

Suck up: The BV300 is very easy to vacuum out of my cats litter box. The best part about it is that it's built to do a great job cleaning out the cat's litter box.

Easy to Vacuum out of Cat Litter Box: It's hard to think of something that is easier to vacuum out of the cat's litter box than the BV300. If you have a cat, this hand vacuum is perfect for cleaning out the cat's litter box.

Removable Pet Hair Filter: The BV300 is great at keeping your cat from getting their paws stuck in the nozzle and it can easily be removed.

Sleek Design: The Numatic BV300 is sleek and the wheels are made of non-slip rubber. I found it easy to move around and it was easy to vacuum.

The BV300 is the most affordable hand vacuum you can buy and you won't be disappointed with this amazing piece of equipment. It's one of the best hand vacuums for under $100. Numatic was known for their amazing cat vacuums, but the company is putting their best foot forward with their entry level hand vacuum. The Numatic BV300 is perfect for anyone looking for an inexpensive vacuuming tool.


A.N.P.W. was created to answer the common question, "What is the best hand vacuum?" We look at all of the hand vacuums that are on the market and try to give the best recommendation for any home.

Are you looking for an affordable hand vacuum that can clean all of your homes carpet and drapes?

Do you need a hand vacuum that you can roll into your bathroom and vacuum under your bathroom and kitchen counter?

Maybe you have a pet that gets into everything and you want a hand vacuum that can easily pick up pet hair off your floors and furniture.

Maybe you have a dog or cat that can get on your furniture, causing all sorts of havoc. You need a hand vacuum that is easy to use, durable and can reach under your furniture.

Or maybe you just need a hand vacuum that you can take into your bedroom and vacuum under your bed?

I will provide all of the reviews that I could find on all of the hand vacuums that I have seen. This way you will get a good idea of what type of vacuuming tool will work for you.

A quick note about our testing methodology:

We take multiple photos of the vacuum with the different accessories. This way you can see what the vacuuming tool looks like when it is on various attachment. You also get an idea of how it picks up dirt and debris.

The second photo we take is of the vacuuming tool when it is on our test carpet or rug. We move the tool back and forth along our test surface so we can really see the vacuuming tool clean the carpet.

The third photo is of the vacuum with it vacuumed up on our test carpet. This will give you an idea of how well the vacuum picks up debris and how much suction power it has.

The fourth photo we take is of the vacuum after it has been put away. If we have used any attachments, we will rinse the suction tool out and use an air blower to blow the tool out.

To learn more about Hand Vacuums.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top hand vacuums. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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