Treatment of kennel cough in dogs

Treatment of kennel cough in dogs

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The treatment of kennel cough in dogs is carried out by the veterinarian and the dog owner: medication and special housing conditions ensure that the sick four-legged friend should get well quickly. Important if you suspect kennel cough: Visit the vet - Image: Shutterstock / Sinseeho

If your dog has persistent, dry coughing fits, you should see a veterinarian with him. If the suspicion is confirmed and your fur nose has kennel cough, it is first treated with medication.

Kennel cough: treatment at the veterinarian

Usually, the veterinarian initially treats a dog suffering from kennel cough with antibiotics. It may be that the cough infection has already caused secondary infections and the patient also has a fever or runny nose. Then these disease symptoms must also be treated with medication.

Anti-cough medication can be used to relieve the urge to cough. Sometimes the vet also recommends that the dog be inhaled at home with fluids that soothe the bronchi. But you can do more to make it easier for your pet to recover from kennel cough in the next few weeks.

Cure kennel cough with lots of rest

Your battered patient will have to recover for a while. He needs a lot of rest and a clean, cozy place where he can sleep enough. Long walks are taboo at first. You should also not expect your four-legged friend to train dogs or take them to events. If you go for a walk with him, you can replace the collar with a harness to avoid the pressure on the inflamed neck area, which could cause severe coughing.

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Important: the right climate

Too warm and too cold air favor the kennel cough, so you should pay attention as much as possible to an appropriate indoor climate. It shouldn't be too damp and neither too warm nor too cold. Frequent ventilation is also important, but do not expose your dog to drafts. Also, avoid smoking near your animal friend. Passive smoking is also dangerous for animals and should generally be avoided.

Fight kennel cough with a balanced diet

Make sure that your sick four-legged friend drinks enough and eats healthy and balanced, after all, his immune system should be strengthened again. Therefore, during this time, you can also administer homeopathic remedies that strengthen the immune system and add food supplements to the feed. This also helps prevent your dog from getting kennel cough again. Discuss the possibilities for naturopathic treatment of kennel cough with your veterinarian and veterinary practitioner beforehand.

Kennel cough in dogs: danger of infection!

As long as the disease has not yet been overcome, you should avoid other dogs. Because the danger that they become infected is very high. After the infection has passed, you should wash dog beds and blankets well and pay more attention to cleanliness so that the pathogens do not stand a chance. It is therefore best to disinfect the feeding and drinking bowl, toys etc.


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