Two cats find a new home

Two cats find a new home

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Which cat is allowed? The animal-loving couple in this video is facing a beautiful but also very difficult decision. In order to give a new home to a velvet paw, the two visited an animal rescue station and are completely blown away by all the great house tigers they meet there ...

Clearly: Every homeless cat would have deserved a new home. But as much as the couple in this video would like to take all their four-legged friends with them, they ultimately have to choose one of them - well, or two. In the end, the cat lovers fall in love with two cute red siblings, which are only mediated together. Fortunately, this is not an obstacle!

There is no need to ask them how the two pretty tomcats think: If you look at how trustfully they let their new owners take them home and how well they feel there, it leaves no questions unanswered. A nice happy ending!

Cat from the shelter: tips for the right choice

Anyone who chooses a cat from the animal shelter gives a dear animal the chance of a ...

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