Boxer dog pros and cons

Boxer dog pros and cons

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Boxer dog pros and cons

The Boxer, an American boxer, and the Boxer (sometimes called the English Boxer) are the two main subtypes of the Sporting breed, in particular the Utility type. This is a dog often confused with the Bulldog, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Australian Cattle Dog, and the American Pit Bull Terrier. It is the fourth most popular dog in the United States.


What is a boxer?

A boxer is a medium sized dog, weighing between 20 and 30 pounds (9 and 13.5 kg), with the typical Boxer looking something like a Pit Bull Terrier crossed with a bulldog. The boxer is a powerful, rugged, yet somewhat friendly and obedient dog.

This is one of the dog breeds that originated in America. The boxer was named for the Boxer city, in South Africa, the place where the first Boxers were bred. The name Boxer is often spelled Boxer in the United States, as well as Boxerhound.


The first Boxers (also known as Boxer Hounds) were bred in the city of Bophuthatswana, also known as the "Boxer country."

The earliest known breeding of Boxers is about 1827. The American Dog Kennel Club (ADKC) recognized the boxer as a breed in the 1880s. The American Kennel Club (AKC) did not accept the boxer as a breed until 1901.

The Boxer comes in three basic colors: blue, tan, and tri-color (or black, tan, and white).


The boxer's flexibility allows him to use many different exercises. His athletic ability is very high, as he can outrun all other breeds of dog. This agility comes in handy when he's working as a police dog or a guard dog.

In addition, the boxer uses the agility to protect him against attacking people. The boxer, however, is not so strong when it comes to handling, as he doesn't do well when it's too cold outside.

The boxer needs training and discipline when he's living in a home. Training with a kong can be fun and helpful.


The boxer can range from 14 to 19 inches in height. His body length is about 14 to 17 inches. His weight can range from 20 to 24 pounds. The Boxer weighs more than other breeds of dog.


The boxer is considered a healthy dog. Even though he does not spend much time running, he still has the same amount of activity that other dogs need.

However, his diet can be high in fat, which isn't good for his overall health. When choosing a food for him, it's important to make sure that it's made from quality ingredients and low in sodium.


The Boxer can live up to 15 years. Even if they're healthy, they still have a shorter life span compared to other dogs.


It is normal for boxers to have a coat that is short and coarse. Their coats should be brushed twice a week.


Boxers are known for their happy personalities. However, they are also known for their stubborn and willful personalities.

When he's living in a home, the boxer is a friendly and social dog. Boxers are very loving dogs, and they enjoy playing with other dogs.

They are also very friendly with humans. If they're introduced to strangers, the boxer usually starts wagging his tail and moving towards them.

If the dog is friendly with the family, it is good to play with him regularly. If the family is also playful with him, then the boxer will also become playful.

This is a very protective breed, and they tend to bark at strangers that try to enter their home. This can become a problem in busy communities.


The boxer is one of the most trainable dogs. Once he's fully trained, he is a very obedient dog. Even if they know they are being scolded, they still won't misbehave.

Their trainability is a good thing because they are highly intelligent dogs.

A trained boxer can perform household chores and can also become a good family pet.

They're good with children and small animals as they are more tolerant than most dogs.


This is a very social dog. They are playful, loyal, and they are very obedient. However, they need to be socialized at a young age.

The boxer requires a large area to live in. A house or even an apartment is best. The boxer needs to get the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and canines.

They're highly trainable, and they learn fast. Even though they are very independent, they love their family and friends.

Health Problems

If your dog is the boxer breed, you can expect that he can have many health problems. The boxer is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, which is a leading reason for his death.

The hip dysplasia can be managed through hip replacement surgery. Their elbows are weaker than many other breeds, and they need to exercise regularly to strengthen their body.

They are prone to ear infections. They need to have plenty of fresh air.

As for the boxer temperament, they tend to show aggression. This makes it a good dog for those looking for a guard dog.

If you’re a new owner, you might find the boxer hard to tame and train. They’re friendly with people and other dogs, but they also have their bad habits.

The boxer is considered as the ideal dog breed because it's a good-natured dog breed. It will be hard for a boxer owner to part with the family dog even if he’s getting older.

Tips for the Boxer Owner

They are considered a loving and very tolerant dogs. They are good with children. They will be great with pets.

Since they tend to be good-natured, they are not so much affected by stressful situations. They are not as aggressive as some breeds.

They are good with kids, but are not as friendly with strangers as they are with their family members. They can learn different tricks.

They are one of the best-looking and smartest dog breeds that are well-socialized. They require a lot of exercise and need mental stimulation.


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